Online Examination Solutions

Ekklavya’s ePareeksha

provides a unique, and most meaningful, transparent, flexible and distributed learning environment helping students to analyse and improve in all dimensions by use of our Question Bank for creation of Paper templates for generation of Question paper sets to be used during exams. Various types of questions can be created including MCQs, Paragraph-based, Subjective questions or requiring short answers or Fill in the Blanks, and Image based or audio/video based questions. Various difficulty levels and bi-lingual editor helps create multiple sets after randomization and then encryption for secure distribution and printing with use of OTPs and passwords.

Online Examination Solutions

which is used to conduct all sorts of exams – Entrance, Competitive, Semester, Regular, Practice, Preparatory etc. online.

The exams can be conducted on Internet / Intranet / Paper. The software enables the creation of question bank

  • The questions can be of various types – MCQs, Paragraph based questions, Long Answers and Multimedia (Audio/Video/Image) based questions
  • The software populates random questions during the exam (real time) for every candidate and generates the result of the exam at the end.
  • Note: we even have computer based exams of long answers by student typing

OMR-based Evaluation

is a fool proof cost effective unique solution that provides for standard 50 or 100 or 150 question templates for the MCQ based exams, in which case one OMR sheet is printed for each candidate.

  • The biggest advantage of this solution is that there is no requirement of specialized OMR scanners as well as specialized OMR sheets.
  • The OMR sheets can be printed on normal printing paper!! The solution does not have recursive costs. It is integrated with Bar-Code as well.

Subjective Paper Evaluation

that includes receipt of bundles of answer sheets, generation of the OMR Award sheets designed to have multiple candidates of same subject in one sheet with in-built checks for correctness in filling and then scanning of these sheets for entry into the database.