About Us

We introduce ourselves as a company that has carved a niche' for itself, for developing and commissioning ‘operations automation projects’ that become a powerful and transformational force in the business of the organisation.

Our headquarters are in Pune, India and we have our staff deployed at various locations across the country where our live projects are being implemented.

Ekklavya Infosys (EI)

as a company with experience of over 30 years and expertise in latest technology, having a strong brand reputation and an envious track record for successfully ‘Operationalizing True Software Automation Projects’ both nationally and at an international level, with a customer base that includes small and medium sized businesses, big corporate industries and large government agencies.

Ekklavya provides applications development rooted in creativity and founded in technical expertise

We recognize the value of solid information architecture design and purposeful integration with other applications. Behind great design lies development that contains solid coding and application design with targeted and intuitive functionality. All our solutions are integrated with Dashboards, Biometrics, RFID, Touch-Screen Kiosks, SMS & eMail services, Online Payment Gateways etc.

We utilize our expertise and vast experience of 30 years on automation of systems & processes and help organizations to standardize, while at the same time cater for unique specialized local issues that get managed autonomously. At the same time, we try to incorporate best practices being used and unique workflows being followed for decades.

Ekklavya’s solutions are just perfectly tailor made to suit business' needs.

All the products are completely designed and developed by us at Ekklavya

EI has accumulated much know-how due to the emphasis on its R&D vocation. Therefore, Ekklavya’s products are neither off-the-shelf nor applications needing zero-based development. They are near-fully developed products only requiring technical customization to suit the customer needs after accurate understanding of the requirements.

Due to the above, with respect to direct competitors, Ekklavya takes lower time for development of new applications and needs a shorter time for commissioning. Most important, with us, new clients will not be treated as a ‘test bed’ for solutions deployed.

The big challenge is the integration, and we, at Ekklavya, have designed solutions that meet this challenge.

Ekklavya – for easy, efficient and effective solutions!!

Ekklavya provides a fresh and new wave to change the software landscape

We are a group of passionate, purpose-led individuals ensuring our solutions work, not only in single-location business', but specially in environments with a network of multiple systems, having branch offices geographically dispersed and with multiple levels of approvals.

Our service support is exceptional and our solutions have been used continuously for many years, despite personnel transfers, govt policy changes, new technology.

We guarantee

that all the benefits of automation including increased productivity, higher availability, and reduced operating costs coupled with improved all round performance will accrue.

Configuration of multi-step workflow processes as per policies with centralised or distributed controls through various applications for making decisions requiring human judgement.

A development and delivery process emphasizing an agile relationship between development and IT operations, enabling DevOps.

“We owe our success and goodwill to
the simplicity & convenience of our user-interface,
the efficiency and effectiveness of our installation and training,
and the speed and promptness of our support”

An important part of doing business the "Ekklavya Way"

Every employee is responsible for adhering to business practices with ethical principles that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behavior... we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We are responsible to our customers and take pride in the knowledge that our customers can count on Ekklavya's unique blend of quality, consistency and personalised service and dependability.

We value and expect integrity in all that we do !!


Our Journey

ELECTRO COMPUTER CENTRE, our parent company, was founded in Allahabad in 1988 by Mr. Atish Bihani, an electronics engineer.

Initially we began with computer hardware sales and service, then pioneered use of biometric devices before foraying into software solutions development.

We were partners of SIVA computers and then became the Compaq Authorised Enterprise Resellers”, "Authorised Service Providers" and "Compaq Specialist Server Resellers", appointed by M/s. Compaq Computers (India) Pvt. Ltd., for the marketing and servicing of the whole range of computers and accessories, including Alpha and Intel servers, Professional workstations, Desktops, Notebooks, Security and Storage Devices, with all options and accessories. We were also distributors of Tally software, then known as PFA for whole of UP.

In 2001 we shifted our focus to biometric devices with Compaq devices, then moved on to those from Italy and then South Korea. This is when we researched & developed various biometric based applications. Having a breakthrough into Indian Defence, we began implementing quality customised solutions backed up by excellent support and established a great reputation. Keeping up with trends, we integrated Digital signatures and created our own RPA BOTs, used AI, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis for DevOps in our automation.

1994 - 2004 :

Bulk sales of High-end Servers and support to large & small Corporates and received multiple AWARDS from Compaq Computers for both Pune, as well as Eastern UP region with customers such as Raymonds, Alstom, AGUP, Tata Honewell, Veritas & Indo Rama. In the same period achieved success with biometric device integrations and solutions and supplied to factories under the Ordnance Factory Board Kolkata and to CMC Ltd for the Choice project of the Chhatisgarh government. Corporates like Ispat Steel Industries, MUSCO, Asian Paints, etc. were our esteemed clients. Digitisation was undertaken for NCL, Pune.

2005 - 2010 :

International exposure to countries in UAE, KSA, Nigeria, Bhutan, etc., where we supplied advanced solutions for Time & Attendance, Pay calculations, to the Zamil Industries group and others; Gulf Hospitals & others, etc. Voter Registrations, Registration of employees under Ministries for removal of Ghost workers, Hospitals, and Election software solution for INEC, Nigeria as well as ECB, Bhutan were prestigious achievements. In the same period, in India, delved deeper into automation for a robust and comprehensive Civilian Payroll Solution as well as eRecruitment Solution as per Defence & Central Government Rules.

2010 - 2015 :

With previous experience of developing solutions for Defence Institutes of Training, we entered the formal Education Sector with Campus automation for Student's Life Cycle for many Groups of Institutes in Pune like VIT and MIT and NIT - Jalandhar. In this period, through Wipro we integrated and supplied biometric devices to IAF for the eMMS project. Delved into Healthcare with Hospital and Clinic Automation solution at Saudi Arabia and Bhutan. Secured contract for complete ERP automation of entire campus of National Institute of Banking Management, Pune as well as MCEME, Secunderabad.

2015 - 2020 :

Concentrated on upgrading technology and delivering innovative automation solutions that maximised 'workload automation', specially in environments with a network of multiple systems, having branch offices geographically dispersed and with multiple levels of approvals. We automated the HR & Payroll as well as the Assets & Inventory Procurement process for the Symbiosis Group; and the bespoke E-Office solution for Defence Units was upgraded cleared by cyber security audit after vulnerability assessment. This will now percolate pan India. Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation BOTs for routine work are our new projects with few successful implementations on the field.

Our reliable patronage and ‘hand-holding’ support and service to each
customer helps create life-long relationships, making it enriching and
worthwhile for them to be associated with us.

We believe in the new IP - Interaction Property, that to compete well, you need to complete the ideas by linking them across entities, functions and disciplines with extreme experimentation, the key to innovation.


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