eOffice Automation

eoffice Automation

or eYDOX, Ekklavya’s web-based Dynamic Document and Workflow Management solution

Our eoffice automation solution provides an effective means of handling paperless correspondence and communication internally between different office locations and within an organization itself, without the use of any 3rd party service provider or smpt connection so that the information is totally secure and cannot be accessed by outsiders.

eoffice Document management including document creation, capture, classification, auto document versioning, indexing, dynamic retrievals, with confidential distribution and storage with encryption including a multi-layered sanctioning or noting approval process is integrated in our office automation.Most important, all letters received from outside through DAK, post or courier have also been integrated and provision made to ‘link’ with all previous references so that related information can be accessed sequentially in E-Office.

Our eoffice solution has been integrated with digital signature and PKI dongles too. Organisation hierarchy that is input once in the E-Office automation software has provision of an e-filing rack as per duties of each appointment and is combined with tasks allocation and monitoring and scheduling of meetings.Movement track of each document or mail exists and all standard mailing features have been integrated for ease of user in the E-office.

  • eoffice provide Document management with versioning
  • eoffice include Mail management for internal communications
  • eoffice support Sanctions and approval management for noting sheets
  • eoffice gives Organisation chart for workflow management
  • e-files as per duties for each table/person in the org chart
  • eoffice support integration with incoming dak
  • eoffice inclued Dynamic document search and retrievals
  • Most important – effective correspondance & communication between head office and sub-units or between units themselves
  • eoffice provide identification and filters for rti & pq cases

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Ekklavya Presentation

You and your team could customize as per out requirements and re-work on the solution for all poliey changes.Data migration from so many Institutes was a big challenge, but your team helped us and we could do it successfully. Indian conditions are different from those abroad and solutions for implementing in India, need to be local, that require the end users to change their processes, and I am happy the solution and service support of Ekklavya has made our HR and Payroll automation a success.

DR Raman
Director - SIBM Pune and Dean - Faculty of Management - SIU

This is to certified that M/S Electro Computer Center, Sister Concern of Eklavya Infosys has successfully implemented the project "office Automation(Workflow Solution)" at national defense college , New Delhi in a record time three month.

Y Sriniwas
Y Sriniwas
Wg Cdr