Digital Signature

Retail Standard Product

This vertical focuses on a few unique standard Retail products like

eChaap (Digital Signature for Tally)

eCHAAP is a unique product that facilitates digital signing of documents using ‘dongles’ of any model. No need of any framework or pre-requisites.

  • Makes signing as easy as affixing your thumbprint!!
  • Moreover, it keeps a track of all documents signed with the time stamp.
  • eChaap for Tally that has been completely integrated with Tally, Tally Prime, Tally Cloud for digital signing of all Invoices, Vouchers and other Statements of accounts.
  • eChaap independent version that can be used for digitally signing any document; multiple documents at a time; one document with multiple signatures; pre-defined blocks or user defined with drag and drop feature for signature placement; includes signor logs.


It has been a long-standing aspiration of millennials to work in an environment where their performance is the key criteria of evaluation, and not the hours logged in by them.

The work-from-home (WFH) era has created insecurity among employees owing to the limited visibility and immense pressure to perform their best. Employers are worried about measuring workforce productivity. Our Tool will help balance employee productivity and wellness and will also enable optimization of workforce costs.

  • Ekklavya’s OvSee helps employee evaluation on the work they complete, based on the time they spent on specific processes, not their time in the office.
  • Ekklavya’s OvSee helps reinforce during this crisis that automation is not the enemy, but rather an aid to (human) employees, who remain essential.
  • Ekklavya’s OvSee is a business tool that helps capture client data and work teams’ activities and provides the inputs so that digital process improvements, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tools used can work.


This is an intelligent utility tool that can be configured to provide FAQs for any site or application. Dynamic queries can be configured and if links are to be opened, that can be integrated too.