Biometric Solutions

The Biometric vertical focuses, especially on biometric based software applications

The state-of-art in user authentication, our technology determines your identity based on who you are (your fingerprint), and not just what you know (a password).

Our biometrically secured access software at all entry and exit points ensures high security with convenience, by providing a method of foolproof identification that cannot be lost, stolen, shared or forgotten.

eCON Ekklavya’s Contractual Labour Access Management

Complete Contractor and Labour management solution with tracking of Police Verifications and Contract Job details. Entry restrictions through biometric verification and provision for blacklisting for all contractual labour.

Biometric Solutions

eVISIT Ekklavya’s Visitor Access Solution

With this module, you can keep a biometric record of every person entering the gates. Registrations and enrollments are immediate with online tracking of every movement. Confirmation of appointments is possible with auto printing of visitor slips.


eBAAR Ekklavya’s Biometric Access & Attendance Recording Solution

eBAAR, has very ‘Special Unique Features’ for Time & Attendance with biometrics, designed to operate both in a stand-alone mode, or as part of a sophisticated network of devices. Profile management is an important feature for blocking access day-wise and time-period wise. The devices can be used to access doors as well as trigger security alarms. Option available to integrate this with Smart Cards or RF cards for each employee.

eEDP Ekklavya’s Entire Desktop Protection System

Using our security device, this package restricts usage and controls access to users as well as programs on the desktop, without using passwords. Powerful, state of art encryption technique, developed in house, ensures complete data security & enables safe and secure exchange over e-mail or LAN.

Desktop Protection System


Specially developed for all Recruitment Offices for biometric identification of all candidates. Identity verification at each stage, from application submissions to physical, medical and written tests has been automated; The package is web-enabled with a central database, capable of identifying candidates appearing from more than one place. This solution effectively ensures that no ‘imposters or proxies’ have been used during the recruitment process.

Eklavya Bio-metric Fingerprint Time Attending System Modules are fingerprint scanner , fingerprint reader and comprehensive software .The software is flexible covering all functions of a time attending system. It has many useful reports and easy to interface with any payroll systems .

Sufyan Al Zamil
Sufyan Al Zamil
Genarel Director Gulf Speciality Hospital Soudi Arabia

Introducing of Bio-metric access system for Contract labor and Visitors provided by Ekklavya Infosys heralds a new era of security systems in Ispat Industry Limited. The system provide us an advance finger print authentication , supported by photo identity. Provision of RF card makes the system flexible and hassle free . It also eliminates human error , data entry and auditing lossless.

Lt Col C.M. Chavan (retd)