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“We owe our success and goodwill to the simplicity & convenience of our user-interface, the efficiency and effectiveness of our installation and training, and the speed and promptness of our support”

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“We owe our success and goodwill to the simplicity & convenience of our user-interface, the efficiency and effectiveness of our installation and training, and the speed and promptness of our support”


Ekklavya did a professional job by
delivering a user-friendly application on time with excellent service support. Our implementation is in remote areas requiring critical support 24X7, which Ekklavya has efficiently provided and continues to do so.

Ekklavya’s customized automation integrated with biometric identification has made the whole recruitment process transparent and free of preferences!! At the same time it has resulted in GREAT savings of time, manpower and increased efficiency and security.

M/s. Ekklavya Infosys are professionally competent, financially sound and Very responsive organisations who have executed works well within the stipulated time frame.

Note of appreciation for the work and support in Biometrics - We appreciate the work done by your firm in working out solution for biometrics issues on Linux based PCs and Thin Clients under CG State e-Governance project using Biometric devices. We look forward to many more years of cooperation.

We thank Ekklavya for archiving our legacy information by digitization of our books. Their service is efficient and their work of high quality, meeting our exacting standards.

The vendor (Ekklavya) has been very professional and meticulous in the development of software and has extended full cooperation and support to us at all times. In the process they have developed a thorough understanding of the entire recruitment process.

In Est the Human Resource Management Software, M/S Ekklavya Infosys, Pune has been a benchmark and provided us Tech expertise, prompt backups services at all stages. The dedication and personnel involvement shown by Mr Atish Bihani, CEO M/s Ekklavya Infosys, Pune and their Software Engineers was instrumental in the successful Est of the system. Your help has been pivotal in achieving this challenging task and will go a long way in providing civ welfare

Ekklavya Biometric Fingerprint Time Attending System Modules are fingerprint scanners, fingerprint readers and a comprehensive software. The Software is flexible, covering all functions of a time attending system. It has many useful reports and easy to interface with any payroll system.

Ekklavya have done us proud!! Their team, very efficiently studied our complicated processes and understood the workflow and in a simple manner, very elegantly, designed our software.

Introduction of Bio-metric access system for Contract labours and Visitors provided by Ekklavya Infosys heralds a new era of security system. The system provides us an advanced finger print authentication, supported by photo identity. Provision of RF card makes the system flexible and hassle free. It also eliminates human error, data entry and auditing losses.

We are extremely pleased with Ekklavya’s products, their features and the solution they have provided to us.

As a technically qualified person, I want to put it on record that the dedication, professional approach and hard-work put in by the firm have made it possible to complete the massive and a complicated project in such a short time. The positive approach displayed and the services rendered (in specific customisation of the modules) by the implementation team are highly appreciable and commendable.

The support & backup rendered by Ekklavya is excellent and to the entire satisfaction of the Company.

We have evaluated many Biometric Fingerprint Time Attending systems available in the market and chose Ekklavya based on the fact that this system was most suitable for our operation in terms of functionality and integration. Technically we found this system is strong and fully integrated.

After discussions with various large IT corporate firms, we finally chose Electro Computer Centre, subsidiary of Ekklavya Infosys, a name synonymous with quality, personalised services and timely deliveries. And, we can assertively state, that we made the right choice!

Ekklavya’s execution of the project has surmounted all our expectations, and we can recommend them as a perfect choice for any organization for development of any software project.

Ekklavya has been more of a technology partner and not merely a vendor in our quest for leveraging technology for enhanced teaching-learning experience. Mr. Atish Bihani’s openness in sharing the best practises implemented by Ekklavya elsewhere globally were particularly reassuring.

This is to put on record our sincere appreciation of team Ekklavya Infosys for the effort, energy, commitment and valuable technical expertise that went into the development of the various ERP modules for our institute.

Ekklavya have done a great job in
the design of the database and generating the reports specific to users, requirement. Job well ac complished and good job done, All the best and Keep up the good work!!

Technical expertise and acumen of the Ekklavya team is definitely beyond doubt. We particularly appreciate the approach, service support and human face of the team. We wish them all the best in all their future endeavours.