Case Study

Supply Chain Management Solution

Ekklavya’s solution enabled real time status of Stock ledgers, Item Balance, Daily statements, Load Tally Sheets & reports & returns for a Division involved in arranging the supply and transport for multiple organizations at various levels.


Work included provisioning, receiving, holding, maintenance, transportation, issuing and accounting of all items of supplies, fuels, oils, lubricants and hygiene chemicals to the armed forces.
Practical difficulties abounded in coordination due to the large network of units and area of operations.
Existing procedures were not enough to ‘realistically’ assess the requirements of dry rations, resulting in wide variations between provisioning and procurements. Foul play in purchase of rations could never be ruled out.
Our Solution

Customized software, viz. ST-CONNECT, was developed to cater to the specific needs of each section functioning in the Depots. Currently all the working in the Depot has been automated to make the processes paperless.
The HQs web site has been leveraged as the ‘common contact point’ for interaction between the HQ and all Supply Depots, as well as between Depots and their respective Units. Online downloading and submission of routine data has been operationalized to make the procedure more convenient for the authorities desirous of getting up-to-date information and status of each Depot.
Complications / Requirements

A NEED was therefore felt to computerize the management of the supply chain of both, dry and fresh rations. Working solution was given :
To RECEIVE items from Central procurement; local purchases; on contract and inter department transfers; To HOLD stocks and ‘reserve ’ as per policy for maintenance and general reserves; To maintain the STOCK TURNOVER as per correct demands (online demand), with a watch on the ‘estimated shelf life’ of the articles; To ISSUE or DESPATCH items to all Depots, dependent units, etc.
Business Impact

Brought back the focus on verification of the correct quantity and quality of the ration supplies
Procurement rates of items can be compared across Depots and Units to identify over billing
Current real time stock position combined and individual is always seen enabling quick decision making for stock transfers or urgent requirements.
Complete transparency in the procurements and distributions was assured eliminating corruption