Stand-Alone Device

Stand-Alone Device

Advanced technology with multiple choices Ekklavya terminal is Ekklavya’s latest Linux-based fingerprint biometric terminal, which Combines a graphic color screen with technologically advanced features for all your time & attendance and access control applications. Ekklavya is compact in size and attractively designed, and is also equipped with a built in camera and a speaker for generating various sound effects such as alert notifications, report confirmation/ rejection and other actions and events indications. Ekklavya can be linked to a variety of networks in your organization to complemenEkklavya complement the management information systems that are already in place.

Fast matching time

Professional design

Intuitive user interface

Accurate and fast fingerprint algorithm

Easy adaptation to collect processes through parameter settings

Memory can be dynamically distributed and extended accoeding to staff quantity

Provides accurare, reliable data

Experienced technical staff support

High reputation