Case Study

Biometric-based eRecruitment Project

Ekklavya automated the processes of a Directorate in the Indian Defence including their Regional Recruiting Offices country-wide removing impersonation and reducing DRASTICALLY THE TIME for the complete cycle from advertisement issue to appointment


They wanted to automate their recruitment process involving data movement from HQs to Regional Offices and vice versa including inter-unit data transfers at over 200 locations
Recruitment is against multiple categories; multiple events; specific eligibility criteria of candidates based on region, education qualification, subjects; physical measurements of Ht-Wt-Chest,etc. Intake is also as per specialized criteria of each Centre, with a host of exceptions and mergers
Recruitment is continuous and covers Physical Events, Physical measurements, Medical Examination, Written Exam and Aptitude Tests
Our Solution

After umpteen field trials we devised a methodology of distributed applications and data synchronization in a secure manner with encryption from each Zonal Office was linked with their respective regional office and military hospital and also to the Dte.
Strong system of User Roles and Rights was devised right upto the button level on the forms with a User Log for an audit trail for every action in the software
Index numbers, Chest nos., Bar Codes were generated randomly to maintain secrecy
Complications / Requirements

The implementation was not within AC Offices but on the open ground in all weather conditions and application to be used by authorities who were transferred every year so new users operating the s/w
Handling the eligibility criteria alone was a Herculean task due to the nation-wide specifications that included dispensations and relaxations on a complex range of parameters and with regular policy changes
The biometric devices had to work in all weather conditions with fast capture and fast matching and extremely low FRR and FAR rates, to ensure that the long queues at each event were not held up.
Business Impact

The whole recruitment process became transparent and free of preferences. Directors had rights to only ‘reject’ candidates while acceptance was done automatically by the software if criteria was met
This reduced the impact of agents or touts and clear message travelled to candidates not to engage with such scrupulous persons
Final selection was of candidates who had cleared all stages themselves without any chance of impersonations at any stage – medicals ,exams or run
The recruitment rally completion time reduced drastically

Customized IVRS solution integrated with any system/process

Ekklavya has developed a ‘Dynamic IVRS – Interactive Voice Response System – that can be very easily ‘customized’ for any requirement where general as well as updated information has to be disseminated to people at large


A need was felt to provide a solution for automating the enquiry system for queries on eligibility criteria, status or tracking of records, planned event dates and locations, etc.
Too many calls were received per day, sometimes to the tune of approx. 1000 in a day, and handling them by first understanding the question and then communicating the desired information took too much of time, man power and efforts

Business Impact

Wherever administered, huge savings in man power and time was obtained
We have installed our solution in 29 States of India each having specific requirements and data relating to multiple fields was recorded. The recording was done in multiple languages
Any policy changes are done at one place and correct data communicated
Data Analysis is given for history as well as mapping trends
Results of exams, medicals, allotments are all administered through our IVRS system

We designed a solution consisting of :
An application package where the ‘flow’ of information could be specified
A filing structure for storing pre-recorded messages and a recording system for new live reporting of current events
Backup process for restoring live new data
We have integrated our solution with the PRI cards (with modem) that can be installed in a PC and then telephone line can be attached