Case Study

Ghost Employees Detection

Ekklavya helped a State Government Ministry reduce their monthly salary expenditure by approximately 23% by eliminating GHOST EMPLOYEES


Client is a State Government Ministry
The State Ministry has smaller ministries in every district
They have approximately 50,000 Employees on Roll
The status (i.e. Alive, Dead, Retired etc.) of many employees is unknown
The Ministry wants to do a Biometric Based Registration for every Employee
Further, this data is to be used for the Payroll Processing
Our Solution

Our solution was designed in manner to minimize mouse clicks & majority of the fields were in the form of drop downs so as to reduce the registration time per employee
Over 200 Laptops were used to register employees across the state and issue temporary I-cards
AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) was performed on every laptop during the registration
The data from every laptop was consolidated on the state server and an exhaustive AFIS was performed on the state server. The data was verified & approved
Complications / Requirements

It is impossible to request every employee to come to a common place for the biometric registration
The smaller ministries are in remote locations which do not have internet connectivity
For every employee, the ministry wants to capture the Biometrics, Photograph and the Basic details
The ministry wants to immediately issue a temporary employee i-card
Once, the data is verified, the ministry will issue a permanent smart card as an I-card
Business Impact

All the employees of the ministry were given a new employee code and a new smart card based I-card
The implementation of the software revealed that there were approximately 12% GHOST EMPLOYEES
It was also revealed that about 7% Employees did not turn up for the registration probably due to death or migration to another country or state
Our solution helped the ministry save approximately 23% of the their monthly salary expenditure