Case Study

Human Resource & Payroll Solution

Ekklavya has developed an HR and Payroll solution for all Central Government Organizations by creation of a ‘data bank’ of records of all employees. The solution resulted in a 92% increase in efficiency; 73% reduction in processing time & 64% reduction in costs of computation with almost ‘0’ audit objections- as rules are in-built


Client is a State Government Organization having various Departments and Sections doing production
Multiple Designations and Grades decide the Pay Scales and Pay-bands and define the seniority
Rules exist for Increment, Promotion, Retirement, Gratuity, Arrears, Bonus, Pension, Revision of Pay on various parameters
The Attendance and Leave needs to be captured daily while the Finance Section needs to update the payroll portion for the salary processing
Our Solution

Can configure various types of leaves with different rules involving balance required, carry over, etc.
Biometric Attendance logs were used for updation of the absent days and counted for the monthly pay
Types of Loans, Insurance and other policy entries for employees was handled with auto deduction of installment amounts and ‘STOPPING’ of deductions once the basic amount was over or maturity date of policy was reached.
Monthly cut-off dates and ‘locking’ of each month after finalization was catered for
Complications / Requirements

The rules and policies for certain Rates and Pay Heads were flexible, changing periodically
At times the changes could be back-dated, creating payment of arrears under various heads.
Various categories of employees were grouped under different Work Groups and multiple Pay Centers.
Integration of final salary amounts was required with the respective Banks for payment as well as updation of certain government deductions was required
Auditors had to have access to all the entries online
Business Impact

Earlier the data was kept manually and employees had to run from pillar to post to get their information.
No repetition of work, one entry updates all the relevant records, even updating the employee SERVICE RECORD
Less no of routine calls and hassles from trade union leaders and more time for governance
Employees could access their data through the ‘Portal’ or from ‘Touch Screen Kiosks’ incl pay slips
Automatic compliance with rules and policies