Case Study

Automation of Medical Organisations

Ekklavya’s innovative solution leveraging latest ICT technology integrating biometrics, mobiles and emails with patient records handling and regulation of visits and accurate insurance claims


Old patients undergoing medical treatment necessarily require post operative examination or regular follow up monitoring at specified intervals
Employees, retired employees, pensioners, Ex-servicemen, their family members, all need regular and special health check-ups and treatments
Very often appointments were missed or ignored and files and records misplaced
Every company provided medical insurance to it’s employees and their dependants, expenses of which were re-imbursed to the hospitals tied up respectively

Business Impact

The group of hospitals had a central database so that the patient data and diagnostic history could be retrieved as eFiles by any doctor of any group hospital
Client obtained Medical Records Management of all files and folders with dynamic retrievals and analysis on multiple search criteria
Access Rights were secured as per the department and designations
Online patient registration form and eFile of each Patient Case greatly simplified and reduced burden on doctors and assistants alike
Reminders for the upcoming appointments was automatically sent by our solution through sms/emails
All patients with special needs like post-operations; pregnant women for their regular check-ups; new born infants for their vaccination dates; etc. received information as per their visit frequencies.
Increased focus on patient examination and care was thus facilitated and settlement of insurance claims made easy
Even Doctors could refer to similar cases diagnosed by other doctors.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics or Doctors need to :
Register every OPD patient and enter all details including family members who are treated
Prevent misuse of company insurance cover by treating other relatives instead of immediate kin
A solution to monitor and ‘remind’ of all appointments by sending sms/emails automatically to all registered patients
Using biometrics to register patients and next of kin/dependants to allow proper company claims and reduce losses