Case Study

Election Commission Office Automation

By automating the entire election process of a Country, Ekklavya ensured a quick, accurate, and transparent, thus, voter-friendly polling solution that saved a lot of paperwork and time of the Election Commission


An Election Commission of a Country wanted a software solution to automate every activity and process viz. Voter Registration, Generating Voter Cards, Printing Electoral Roll, Allotment of electoral officers, Verification during Voting, Election Result Compilation, Analysis etc.
Every Citizen already has a Unique Identification Card however, the Biometrics was not present
It was important and crucial to link the Unique I-card data to the Voter database
Our Solution

We imported the data from the Unique I-card database. We further, provided an import/export utility to import future data from the UIC database
We provided an user friendly and customized solution
We linked our solution to the website of the election commission
Our solution enabled the voters to view their records online and send online change or update requests
During the Polling, every voter was verified using biometrics to prevent any wrong-doings
Live updates and analysis were provided
Complications / Requirements

The Unique I-card data had to be imported into the Voter Database from the Citizen Registry data
The Biometrics of every eligible voter had to be captured
Citizens could apply online for change requests like name change, address change, etc.; Postal Ballot
The software could give the Election Commissioner and other Dignitaries live updates during the polling
The software had to be stress tested. It had to be accurate and transparent. Training had to be given to concerned officers across all constituencies and districts
Business Impact

Due to the automation software, a lot of time of polling officials in pre-polling, during polling and post-polling activities was saved
Identity of the voter was determined using biometrics
Due to Biometrics and AFIS, duplicate records were eliminated. Further, there was an automatic rejection if a voter tried to vote twice. Thus, fraud was eliminated
Result Compilation, Analysis and live feed was provided. The software even built in a GIS Map to display the live feed during the polls from every state