The history

Behind our name, Ekklavya!

Ekklavya, the little story of Ekklavya, one giant character detailed in the world famous epic, 'The Mahabharat', whose undivided devotion to his Guru, untiring practice and a crystal clear sight of his target made him the best archer in the land, gives us at Ekklavya , our identity. Our name has it's origin in these echeleons of time. We have strived to revive the character of Ekklavya in our products.

Arguably the world's largest Epic, the "Mahabharata" was written in India, over 5000 years ago. You could say, it was the 'Mother of All Soap Operas' ! It had the largest array of well elaborated characters ever.

One of the strongest , but an ornament in the Epic Hall of Fame - Ekklavya ! The BEST ARCHER ever.

Undivided devotion to his Guru, (who had not even accepted him as a disciple), untiring practice, (that continued for hours together), and a crystal clear sight of his target, ( to be the Best Archer in the Land), made Ekklavya scale new heights.

Yes, even better than Prince Arjun, To whom he posed such a threat, that their Guru, Dronacharya, had to step in. Duty-bound, he demanded Ekklavya's right-hand thumb as his 'Guru Dakshina'! Ekklavya, knowing fully the implications, without blinking an eye, slashed his right thumb with his sharpest arrow, and placed it at his Guru's feet. Such was his devotion !

(The Guru shed a tear for Ekklavya, for in his heart, he knew who the Best was really!! )

This little story of one Giant character detailed in the MAHABHARATA, gives us, at EKKLAVYA , our IDENTITY !