Case Study

Dynamic Document & Workflow Solution

Ekklavya eDOCS helped to manage, exchange and retrieve all types of documents and records handled by all users in an organization simplifying their communication and file movements across their departments/users in a secure environment including reference flagging and escalation matrix coupled with multiple sanction levels and alerts creating e-files for each post in the organization hierarchy


An Organizations having a wide organization hierarchy requiring confidential movement of files and documents across users of all levels.
Documents are received (from outside), created, captured, classified, categorized, and indexed.
Certain documents are confidential requiring secured access, while users may want ‘private’ folders too
Documents need to be retrieved on demand and procedure for archivals has to be formed for old docs.
Cross referencing of documents & versioning is desired
Our Solution

We provided creation of the Organization Chart
We made a provision for Users to create their files and folders mapped as per their functional profile
We created a document workflow from where mails, documents, messages with attachments could be shared. Global messaging system gave ‘alerts’
Versioning was automatic and ‘References’ could be added to any document and easily accessed with the originals
Sanctioning levels were ‘mapped’ and days of action defined including reminder options
Complications / Requirements

The existing filing system with numbering had to be integrated for each User
The ‘incoming’ documents through post or courier had to be catered for
Seamless movement between users within the organization was required even without internet
Sanctioning of ALL types was to be handled through eDOCS for securing approvals of higher-ups
Document Tracking was a must to view not only the movements but also the versioning .
Business Impact

Every employee had an e-file as per their respective roles and functions which greatly improved efficiency
The turnaround time for all communications, sanctions and approvals and retrievals reduced drastically
Document tracking provided exact location/status of the files including all the versions and time log s
The savings on Paper were to the tune of 74% as only the final sanctioned copies were printed
Red-tapism was reduced and transparency increased resulting in all round efficacy and happiness