Biometric-Based Solutions

The Biometric wing focuses, especially on biometric-based software applications. The state-of-art in user authentication, our technology determines your identity based on who you are (your fingerprint), and not just what you know (a password). Our biometrically secured access software at all entry and exit points ensures high security with convenience, by providing a method of foolproof identification that cannot be lost, stolen, shared or forgotten. Today, the issue is not biometric technology, but it’s the integrated solution. The big challenge is the integration, and we, at Ekklavya, have designed solutions that meet this challenge.

Our packages are web-based, on the latest technology, ensuring single-point entries that update all the relevant forms, thereby reducing data redundancy, manual errors and increasing efficiency and transparency while reducing time and costs.

Our biometric devices include fingerprint readers as well as

face readers. Our range of fingerprint devices include PC-based devices, stand-alone devices as well as the 4-4-2 fingerprint devices used for UID projects or citizen enrolments. Our devices have integrated Smart card readers or RF card readers. Options for automatic door opening, turnstile gate control, smart card or RF card integration is also available.


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