Case Study

Educational Institutes End-to-End Automation Solution:

A leading Educational Institute with inter-disciplinary courses could unearth bottlenecks & increase efficiency and control with reduced dependence on manpower by operationalizing Ekklavya’s completely customized solution that covered all their functions and processes


Client is a prominent engineering college in India
They wanted an End-to-End Automation Solution to cater to the complex requirements of the functioning of their institute
The number of students is approximately 5000 and the number of staff members is about 1000
Under-graduation, Post-graduation and Doctorate level courses are conducted by the institute
Data migration from existing systems in a comprehensive and reliable manner was critical
Our Solution

The islands of data was transformed into a centralized database which was tightly integrated
The Management of the Institute received real time information about admissions, fee collections etc. through Dashboards
Algorithms were designed for: auto creation of Time Table and weekly training schedule; Exam subject schedule & seating plan generation; Grading with Bell Curve mapping; auto generation of Question papers; auto delivery of notices & circulars;
Complications / Requirements

Currently, every department worked in isolation and thus, there are islands of information
Every department of the institute needed to be automated including the Student Cell, Accounts, Examination Dept., Result Section, Academic Section, Placements Cell, Establishment Dept., HR Dept., Payroll Section, Hostel Dept., Stores, Systems, etc.
Critical processes taking too much time when done manually due to the umpteen constraints reqd automation The solution had to be highly flexible, easy to use, accurate and efficient allowing frequent policy changes
Business Impact

Every department smoothly transitioned onto the new solution. The previous data was imported into the new solution
Post the transition onto our solution, the speed, the response time and the turn around time reduced. The efficiency increased and data redundancy eliminated
Accountability was fixed by defining responsibility for all tasks delegated as per post , designation & duties
The all-in-one exclusive practical and user-friendly solution allowed continuous use for all daily routine tasks without too much training

Multiple Sections automated by Inter-linking all processes

Ekklavya provided a Campus Automation solution including working of all Sections in multi locations : Academics, Question Bank & Online Exams, Quarter Allotments, Vehicle requisitions, Attendance & Leave; Payroll; Canteen & Mess ; Document Workflow; Assets & Inventory Mgmt; and Budgets & Funds


There were 9 Departments with over 500 faculty & 1000s of students where both Long term and Short term multi-level ( basic, advanced) courses were held with duration from 2 weeks to 3 years
Faculty could teach across Departments and were transferrable requiring replacements
They had 87 own vehicles and rest were hired. Types & Models of vehicles were varied & allocations by rank
Purchase of Assets, Stores, Repair & Service Contracts with central & Dept-wise Funding reqd automation
Our Solution

Strong User role & right system helped define responsibilities and fix accountability with user logs
Access was opened for all for applications of Leave; Gate Passes; item purchases; Quarter extensions; Guest Room requests; Vehicle demands, Rations, etc
Multi-level approval paths created by each Department for respective functions controlled flows
The records were updated for Stock Balances; Fund Utilizations; Faculty Load; Lecture completions; Balance of Leave; Room/Vehicle status; salary statements, etc ., and direct printing could be done
Complications / Requirements

Subjects were taught in patterns, completing 2-3 then adding more. Many subjects were ‘off-campus’ for which duration the time table of other subjects had to be adjusted, as for the inter-disciplinary conductions
Budgets allocated for each task had to be recorded and every entry was auditable
Users of the software were highly qualified teachers and staff and diverse group of creative & intelligent students aspiring to be genius’ of various ranks
Data was very confidential and secure with controlled access
Business Impact

The biggest impact was in the completion of work of all Sections on time (as per action days) in an organized manner with monitoring and transparency
The Date-wise Time tables were easily generated without any ‘clashes’ of teachers, room, course
All procurement requests, sanctioning, comparison of bids, Rates, Budget & Fund balances had multi-level approvals with tracking of each action.
Employee, Faculty and Candidate Portals provided Live, Real Time respective data for information, decision making, planning and also for sanctioning.